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Creative Collaboration - Register Grate Table

Richard Leiter In the Workshop

Here is the perfect example of a creative collaboration with Richard and one of our customers, which we feel turned out fantastic!


Nicole came to us wanting a custom wood table top made for an industrial table base she found. She also wanted to incorporate a pair of cast metal register grates into the top for placing hot pots on, which we thought was so clever.


After several meetings and many hours in the workshop, this gorgeous table is the result!





We are so happy to have been able to be part of this creative effort and we love that this table will be an heirloom piece. Not only to make many memories with but will be passed to generation after generation.


Richard Leiter

Richard has been refinishing antiques since age 14. He went into the antiques business for himself at age 19. When asked what he likes to do in his free time, he says, "work!"

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  • ann marie finn on

    Beautiful, Richard!!

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