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Decorating Dilemmas

Do you have a Decorating Dilemma?

Revived is here to help! Send us an email about your home decorating conundrum with a detailed description of the problem and some photos, and your question could be featured on our blog!

We will tackle your problem and offer suggestions on how to freshen up your space. Do you have a boring blank wall? A mantle that's looked the same for years? A new shelf and nothing to put on it? A kitchen that needs some spice? Tell us about it, we'd love to help!

For submission:

To increase the likelihood that we will choose your question, and so that we will best be able to help you, please follow the below guidelines and provide quality photos.

  • Include your name, city, and state.

  • Direct your question to just one specific area of your home.

  • Include photographs of the area in question, including the surrounding areas.

  • Include a written description of things already in the area such as materials and colors. Colors may not look the same in photographs to someone who hasn't seen the space in person due to variations in lighting.

  • Include measurements of the area you are asking about.

  • Include a list of things you like, such as items you may have seen in the store and like the look of, styles, colors, etc.

Photography tips:

  • Photos that are bright, clear and in focus will help us greatly.

  • Photograph the area in question, as well as wider shots of the whole area, so we can see what it is next to.

  • Hold the camera straight so that the lens is completely vertical. Tilted photos will skew how the area looks.

  • It is best to photograph during the day with your curtains/blinds open to allow the daylight in, and with flash off. Try also to avoid taking a photo directly at a bright window.

  • Please don't include people in your photos.

To submit your Decorating Dilemma, send an email to:

Sending us your information and photos will signify consent for use on our blog, email, and social media.